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WEB-Callback | SMS-Callback

Connect Two Phones Anywhere in the World!

Worldwide callback service with low rates.

How it works:

  • Save your phone number in the "Call From" field.
  • Save each contact's Name and Phone Number.
  • Click Connect and answer your phone when it rings!

NEW! WEB-Callback for PDA available!

Open your WEB-Callback account now:

If you already have WEB-Callback account:

Yes, it's that easy!


  • Rates are lower than for regular calling cards
  • Same low rates for both directions
  • No needs for a PIN
  • No software to download and install
  • Easy-to-use phone book
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

Card and Rate Details:

  • No Connection Fee
  • No Maintenance Fee
  • Rounding - 3 Minute
  • Service Taxes & Surcharges - 15%
  • Validity Period - 6 Months (from last refill/purchase)

WEB-Call is a feature of Continental card
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