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Increase Your Profit Margin!

  1. Purchase cards with a wholesale discount.
  2. Choose your own profit margin.
  3. Make your own rate table.

How does it work?

  • Purchase cards with a specific amount of minutes to specific destination.
  • Give the unique name and design to your card.
  • Create your own rate table and set your own price.
  • Distribute your phone card.


Purchase $10 "Continental" for $8 with wholesale discount. The rate to call Canada is 1.9 cents/min., and it provides 526 minutes. You think, you can sell 526 minutes of calling time to Canada for $15. So you set the rate 2.85 cents/min to call Canada and sell this card for $15. In this case, your profit is $7, which is 87.5% Profit Margin!

Minute-based cards:

Click on the image of the card to view details

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